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As businesses grow, they eventually develop a need to create new strategies that streamline their organization and maximize the efforts of employees. Communication and motivation are vital necessities in acquiring employee acceptance in any change management effort. It doesn't matter whether your concern is remaining compliant with federal and state employment law or utilizing human capital to develop a strategic advantage for your company. Regardless of the number of employees involved, human resources provides value to any organization. Human resource consulting services can be quoted on a monthly contract basis or based on specific projects.  BESI can develop a plan to fit your budget.  Below is a list of services offered.                   

  • Recruitment & Retention initiatives
  • Performance Management-developing processes that meet company goals
  • Benefit Administration
  • Compensation & Rewards programs
  • Labor Relations
  • Advice regarding Federal & State employment law
  • Developing employee handbooks, job descriptions, policies & procedures that promote an efficient and productive work environment
  • Evaluating Problems & Offering Solutions that meet company goals and initiatives

BESI also provides human resources consulting services to prospective employees. In this economy, marketing yourself is the key to finding employment. BESI can assist you in this effort. See below for a list of services provided.

  • Training in interview preparation, questions, appearance and follow up skills
  • Writing resume and cover letters and providing training on how individuals can target the resume for each position to which they apply
  • Computer and software training to gain market potential

Let BESI assist you in finding employment. 






Bill Lindsey, Lindsey Financial Group, Inc.

“A very bright and talented HR person, with good organizational skills, accounting proficiencies, excellent project manager, and very professional. August 15, 2011


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